Kinesiology & Solution Based Coaching 




Kinesiology is a holistic alternative health therapy which uses muscle monitoring to access information about wellbeing and state of health. It’s a discipline with a unique mix of Eastern wisdom and Western techniques that addresses physical, emotional and spiritual health. It enhances the body’s natural ability to diffuse stress and self-heal to return the body to a healthy state of being. 

Kinesiology is perfect for those of you that:

  • Have been missing their ‘spark’ and sense of vitality

  • Feel stuck in life

  • Lack clarity to achieve their personal goals

  • Feel stressed and tired

  • Feel a lack of zest for life


Solution Based Coaching

This powerful program uses a combination of NLP, Time Line Therapy, Hypnosis and Kinesiology to take you on a journey of self-discovery a process of personal development. It will bring you awareness to why you have struggled to achieve your goals in the past, and help eliminate sabotage patterns you may have previously adopted.

This program is designed for those of you that:

  • have tried on multiple occasional to achieve your desired outcome but just never seem to reach it 

  • are ready to let go of fear, angry, hurt or self-doubt

  • no longer want to be ruled by low self-esteem

  • feel stuck in life and are ready to move forward in your relationship or your career

  • feel there is more to get out of life, but just don’t know how to reach it

  • constantly have negative self-talk and are full of limiting beliefs

  • for those of you that are just unhappy in life and not sure what to do


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