Kinesiology and Health Coaching 



Kinesiology is a holistic alternative health therapy which uses muscle monitoring to access information about wellbeing and state of health. It’s a discipline with a unique mix of Eastern wisdom and Western techniques that addresses physical, emotional and spiritual health. It enhances the body’s natural ability to diffuse stress and self-heal to return the body to a healthy state of being. 


Combined, Kinesiology and Health Coaching are a powerful form of therapy that addresses both physical symptoms (migraine, adrenal fatigue, joint pain, low energy) as well as emotional issues the effects of anxiety, stress, depression, trauma and poor self-esteem. 

Key to a successful Kinesiology and Health Coaching session is an awareness of your energy barriers and your practitioner’s ability to clear those blockages to restore balance to the mind, body and soul. 


Is Kinesiology right for you?

Kinesiology has successfully helped people who, combined with physical ailments and malaise:

  • Have been missing their ‘spark’ and sense of vitality

  • Feel stuck in life

  • Lack clarity to achieve their personal goals

  • Feel stressed and tired

  • Feel a lack of zest for life


Would you like to learn more about Kinesiology?

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