Every day we see women tired, exhausted, and struggling to keep their heads just above the surface.

You may know what we’re talking about. Writing those long to-do lists, trying to please everyone, hardly ever taking any time-out for yourself...

On the outside, you're smiling, listening, engaging with people...and you do a pretty good job at holding it all together.

But in reality you might be a bit more like a duck on water.

You look like you’ve got it all under control...

But beneath the surface, you’re paddling frantically.

Whether it’s because of challenges in your relationship or at work

Or you’re struggling to keep your family afloat

You may even have gone through a trauma and are trying to keep it together

Or maybe you just feel like you've lost your purpose.

You put so many expectations on yourself without having enough strength to meet them

And for some reason you think you have to hold it all together...

All the thoughts, the analysing, the lack of sleep, we know how exhausting it can be and that’s why we have created our workshops and programs specifically design for teaching you how to deal
with the challenges of anxiety, stress and overwhelm.  



Top tips on how to manage anxiety and break the pattern

An introductory workshop to our 4 Week Anxiety Program that will be both practical and educational. This workshop will introduce you to yoga and meditation for anxiety, give you a chance to ask questions on anxiety and you will walk away with practical tips you can implement into your life immediately.

Investment: $49.00

Anxiety Workshop Dates:

Saturday 27th October @ 12.00pm to 1.30pm

Wednesday 7th November @ 6.30pm to 8.00pm



If you are tired, exhausted, paddling frantically, struggling to keep your head above the surface, this 4 week course will give you the framework and support structure to help you better manage your triggers, get your life back on track and embrace a more balanced and calmer state of living.

This 4 week program is designed for those dealing with the challenges of anxiety, stress and overwhelm. Through restorative yoga and mindfulness techniques, you will learn tools and resources to deal with triggers and find balance.

Investment: $379.00 (early bird $349.00 ends 30.10.18)

4 Week Anxiety Course Date:

Wednesday 14th November until 5th December 2018

6.30pm to 9.00pm

I did Janine’s course at the end of last year and it was absolutely amazing!! Janine created such a safe and beautiful space, and she is such a warm, kind, genuine and knowledgeable facilitator. The course content was taught in a way that was relatable and practical. I highly recommend this course!
— Vanessa

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Meet our facilitator

Janine Gaddie is a qualified Craniosacral Therapist, massage therapist, yoga teacher and movement practitioner, specialising in the mind­‐body connection. She focuses on helping clients build resources to deal with stress, anxiety, depression and other challenges. Janine has successfully helped hundreds of middle-aged Melbourne women beat anxiety and feel calm again through her holistic approach.